Our Aims

Provide gorgeous food that we are proud of, being a mum, food that I know is good for my growing children.

Hand-pick our staff to ensure that they meet our customers' needs by providing a welcoming atmosphere and a quality service where attention is paid to detail.   Joan & Becky

Use old fashioned traditional recipes and find new recipes to deliver wheat-free cakes as well.

Listen to our customers' needs, ask for our customers’ recipes and make sure customers with special diets are catered for.

Reinvent the cream tea afternoon experience, with time to chat, relax and savour the moment.

Hope to see you soon!

Sarah (curator)

Why did we choose the 1920s?

It was a time of great courage, after the first world war, women outnumbered men through tragic loss and they needed to work and strive to gain financial independence.

Women had thrown away the corset and hem lines were becoming shorter. Women’s fashion, music and dancing were great fun and lifted the spirits.

Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel were making their mark on the film industry, both British born and good friends.

It was a time of change and experimentation, the Arts and Crafts movement, followed by Art Nouveau and Art Deco, stunning architecture and design came from this era which greatly influences our interiors today. Bakelite was the first plastic invented and was widely used from domestic objects to jewellery.

The motor car was becoming popular, travel by train, plane and ship were broadening peoples’ horizons, this was captured by Box Brownie and later the Kodak camera who specifically made cameras targeted at the female market.